A vision through Christian TV in UK and Ireland

UCB TV was officially launched on the Astra Digital satellite platform throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland on Channel 677.

Test transmissions have been broadcast on Channel 677 since the 1st of December 2003 and UCB’s vision can now be seen and heard by a much wider audience than ever before.

John Green, UCB’s TV Broadcasting Manager, expands on this: ‘Christian television throughout Europe has been highly saturated with programming from typically just one or two denominations. This has left most born-again, evangelical Christian churches unable to present the gospel in their own unique way. Others have waited until a Christian television station arrived that they could happily align themselves with. UCB TV is such a Christian television station, one that is thoroughly committed to reaching the people of the UK and Ireland with the gospel message. UCB TV is unique because we have adopted a ‘Commonwealth’ programming model, broadcasting television programmes which have been developed specifically for UK and Ireland audiences.’

UCB TV will be used to promote other areas of the UCB’s ministry, such as UCB’s Prayerline.

More info from UCB website www.ucb.co.uk