Bible Ministry Spread through the Bloody Land in Kosovo

KOSOVO--- While Spain goes into mourning for the Myriad train bombing, in southeast Europe; Kosovo is another place that filled with tears.

The troubles between Albanian and Serbian broken out last week, which left 31 dead and more than 500 wounded. At least 13 Christian churches are burnt down and many Christians are murdered. The land is now bathed in red.

Christian ministries are very concerned about the tension between Albanians and Serbians since the mobs of angry Albanians burned the Serbian Orthodox churches, the religious symbol of the Serbians, which is showing no sign of a let-up. Many may have feel despair in this kind of endless ethnic conflicts lasted for centuries.

Nevertheless, the word of God prevails in such times of turbulence. The World Bible Translation Center made copies of its Serbian New Testament available to churches and ministries in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia.

As for continued distribution, Roger Massey from the World Bible Translation Center says, "We find that people still move about from place to place and the people that are involved in spreading the word tend to dig in a wait it out. There'll be a pause--it's only a pause--and then life goes on and the kingdom life keeps building."

Church leaders say the distribution of the Easy-to-Read Serbian New Testaments and have enabled teams to put the Word of God into the hands of many people. The revision of the Croatian New Testament is expected to be released by early summer.