Spanish Police Still in Search of Suspects

MADRID, Spain - According to Associated Press, police on Saturday searched for three men seen in ski masks carrying backpacks toward the line where trains were bombed, killing 200 people. The government has not determined who was behind the country's worst terror attack, leaving grieving voters thirsty for answers as they prepared for general elections Sunday.

Meanwhile, the first funeral for the bombing victims were held today in Madrid.

Solidarity with Spain : A boy holds a sign with the word 'Peace' during a demonstration in downtown Buenos Aires. (Daniel Garcia/AFP)

Spaniards holding blank paper take to the streets to demonstrate in Barcelona's 'Las Ramblas' street, March 12, 2004, to protest against the series of explosions on March 11 which left nearly 200 dead and 1500 injured in the Spanish capital. Spain vowed to follow all leads to hunt down the Madrid train bombers as the world waited to see whether Basque or Muslim militants were behind the bloodiest guerrilla attack on a European city. (Gustau Nacarino/Reuters)

A couple embraces as they cry over their relative's coffin at the end of a funeral mass at a sport pavilion in Alcala de Henares, near Madrid, March 13, 2004. Simultaneous explosions on packed rush-hour commuter trains March 11 left 200 dead and 1,500 wounded in the Spanish capital. (Sergio Perez/Reuters)

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