Prayers for peace and justice in Bolivia after installation of new president

Christians in Bolivia are praying for peace and justice after the historic resignation of president Evo Morales and the installation of Jeanine Áñez in his place. 

October's disputed presidential election resul led to civil unrest, with many businesses, banks and schools closed, and transport heavily restricted.

Fresh protests over the weekend have led to five fatalities.

While the unrest has caused some Christian missionaries to leave the country, Church Mission Society partners Andrew and Lisa Peart, who are based in the city of Santa Cruz, have decided to stay. 

Together with their church, they have embarked on a forty day prayer campaign for the country in this time of transition. 

Despite the uncertainty, many Christians are continuing to pray.  In fact, throughout the week, thousands of Bolivians  gathered at Christ Redeemer in the centre of Santa Cruz for an impromptu prayer meeting. 

In another late night prayer meeting, Fernando Camacho, President of the Civic Committee, urged those present not to cease praying. He led prayers of gratitude for the Lord's protection and guidance in the face of ongoing protests, and encouraged people to stand firm in their faith and their fight for democracy and truth.

Prayers were also said for the police, the new government and for the unity across the nation.

Finally, there was a minute of silence for those who lost their lives during the protests and clashes.

Describing the prayer movement, the Pearts said: "Thousands of Bolivians in our city alone have been gathering nightly in the Christ Redeemer intersection to get on their knees and pray, seeking the will of God; it's so powerful."