News Bulletin 27 September 2013 -- The Christian Institute

Christian hotel owners Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who\'ve been forced to put their business up for sale, have been told that they \'brought it on themselves\'

 Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson has spoken out against assisted suicide, saying any weakening of the law would reinforce prejudices against disabled people

 Parents\' responsibilities for their children could come under attack from the Scottish Government, if plans to allocate a \'state guardian\' to every child get the go-ahead

 Members of the public could be charged with \'injury to an unborn baby\', in a new Bill being considered by the New South Wales parliament in Australia

 Researchers in the US and Sweden say women should be offered a \'post-fertilisation contraceptive pill\' when it comes to birth control

 France has banned children\'s beauty pageants for under-16s, in a bid to curb the \'hyper-sexualisation\' of young people

 And British athlete Natasha Danvers has been telling about the emotional nightmare of facing an abortion to maintain her dream of winning an Olympic medal.