News Bulletin 14 June 2013 -- The Christian Institute

A mother jailed after aborting her unborn baby just two days before her due date has had her jail sentence dramatically reduced -- Proposals to make sex and relationships education compulsory in schools have been rejected by the House of Commons -- A French mayor is facing up to five years in prison and a £63,000 fine for declining to carry out a same-sex marriage -- A parent says her three-year-old son has been taught about gay marriage in nursery -- The chairman of a threatened adoption agency has said Scotland is on the brink of declaring illegal, the belief that every child where possible deserves a mother and father -- Cannabis vending machines are being developed in America -- Sir Richard Branson has faced criticism after calling for drug decriminalisation in the UK -- And Christian charity, The Message Trust, gave a short presentation to the Scottish Parliament during its \'Time for Reflection\', - which takes place just before the start of the week\'s proceedings.