Priscilla Shirer says she is 'recovering well' from lung surgery

Priscilla Shirer speaks at the funeral service for her mother, Lois Evans, on January 6, 2020.

Speaker and author Priscilla Shirer has told supporters she is "recovering well" from recent lung surgery. 

Shirer, the daughter of Pastor Tony Evans, underwent surgery last month to treat a worrisome nodule on her left lung.

Doctors had been monitoring the nodule for three years and finally decided to remove it last year but the surgery was postponed due to the ill-health of Shirer's mother, Lois Evans, who passed away on December 30, 2019, from biliary cancer. 

In an update on her Instagram page, Shirer said that the surgery had been "curative" and that she was doing well in spite of a little lingering difficulty with her breathing. 

"I am recovering well from the surgery," she said.

"My breathing is still pretty labored so I am working on my lung capacity and getting a little breath back here. But doing really good and recovering well."

Her post indicated that no further surgery is necessary for now. 

"The surgery was curative, praise the Lord, so I don't have anything else to do in that regard other than recover," she said. 

In a separate post, the "War Room" star thanked all of her supporters for their prayers, cards, gifts and messages of encouragement. 

"Please know that I have personally received every single one. You cannot imagine how much of a blessing it has been," she said. 

"With all my heart....Thank you."