Vandalism of chapel associated with William Wallace is a 'disgrace', says local councillor

Old St Kentigern's is believed to be the church where William Wallace met and wed his wife Marion Braidfute(Photo: Historic Environment Scotland)

The chapel traditionally believed to be the place where William Wallace married his childhood sweetheart has been targeted by vandals.

The ruin of Old St Kentigern's Church in Lanark dates back to the 12th century.  According to legend, it is where Wallace once worshipped and wed his wife Marion Braidfute.

Today, the category B listed building is in a poor state of repair but The Scotsman reports that it has also been further affected by vandalism.

According to the newspaper, the building has become a meeting place for local teenagers, with alcohol consumption being one of the problems reported.

The ruins have reportedly been littered with beer cans and some of the gravestones have been damaged. 

William Wallace led the Scottish rebellion against Edward I

Councillor Ed Archer, an independent member of South Lanarkshire Council, has decried the vandalism and called for security to be improved at the historic site. 

"Last week safety fences were in disarray and youngsters got into the restoration areas and left a trail of beer cans," he said. 

"Damage to gravestones is also on the increase.

"This is a disgrace and again it is suggested that security cameras are installed and the graveyard is locked at night."

Wallace is a celebrated figure in Scotland, having led the campaign against England's attempts to rule the country. 

He was appointed Guardian of Scotland after he, together with Andrew Moray, defeated the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. 

He was eventually caught by the English and condemned as a traitor, meeting a gruesome end in London where he was hung, drawn and quartered in 1305.