Muslim man jailed for four years after attacks on Christian volunteers

Wikimedia Commons/Blogtrepreneur

A Muslim man has been handed a four-year prison sentence after targeting Christian volunteers. 

According to the Metro, Ali Al-Hindawi shouted 'Allah is God' as he lashed out at Christian preacher Claudio Boggi while he was distributing leaflets last June.

Mr Boggi, who is wheelchair-bound, said he forgave Al-Hindawi, 23, saying, 'I love you because Jesus loves you.' 

Mr Al-Hindawi had apparently threatened Mr Boggi and spat on him as he handed out leaflets for his local church, saying: 'Allah is god, Jesus was only a prophet. You're in a wheelchair, you're lucky I don't hit you.'

He then attacked Kayode Ogunleye a few hours later.  The Christian volunteer was assisting the homeless in Westminster when Mr Al-Hindawi attacked him with a metal bar and bit his fingers. 

Mr Ogunleye also forgave him, telling police that he wished him 'only Jesus's love.'

In another attack, a passerby on the street was punched in the head twice by Mr Al-Hindawi, who also threatened to use a screwdriver on him. 

Two weeks later, Mr Al-Hindawi, originally from Coventry, reportedly threatened violence again when he was told to leave the St Vincent's homeless shelter over accusations that he had been drug dealing. 

He reportedly threatened to cut the throats of staff at the hostel and tried to set it on fire.

His legal counsel, Avirup Chaudhuri, told Southwark Crown Court that his memory of the incidents was 'hazy'. 

Judge Loraine-Smith interjected that this was because of 'drugs'.  She sentenced him to four years and four months. 

'Once you got here, to London, you revealed a volatile temper and a willingness to arm yourself and resort to violence at a moment's notice,' she said.

'Most of these offences were committed against people trying to help you. Eleven very serious offences committed on three separate occasions.'