Reinhard Bonnke launches ambitious campaign to win 150 million souls for Jesus

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke/FacebookA night at Reinhard Bonnke's "Passing the Torch" Farewell Crusade in Lagos.

World-renowned evangelist Reinhard Bonnke just ended a five-day crusade that launched an ambitious God-given campaign to reach 150 million souls for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Passing the Torch Gospel Crusade, a five-day crusade held November 8 to 12, marked the end of Bonnke's ministry to Africa, as he is passing the torch to his successor, evangelist Daniel Kolenda. According to Bonnke himself, the Lord spoke to him that he should go back "for one more crusade in Africa."

This crusade also marked 50 years of Bonnke's ministry to Africa, which began with a God-given vision of the continent being washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. The aged minister and founder of Christ for All Nations is now passing the torch of Gospel fire to many ministers who desire to serve the Lord on African soil and elsewhere.

"There is great excitement from all the churches in the country, and we are expecting a spectacular harvest of people coming to Christ," John Darku, CfAN's African Director said during the crusade's planning.

This crusade also marks the beginning of a greater campaign to reach more souls than they have ever.

"Although this crusade is Evangelist Bonnke's final African crusade," Daniel Kolenda, Bonnke's successor, said, "it is only the beginning of what I believe will be a decade of super massive harvests for Christ for all Nations."

Kolenda said God has given him a word of a "Decade of Double Harvest." CfAN says that for the past three decades, the number of individually signed salvation-decision cards has reached over 76 million souls. Now, they are aiming to double that and reach 150 million souls.

CfAN aimed to reach more than 6 million - the number of people who came during the five-day Lagos Millenium Crusade in 2000. The recent five-day crusade, however, reached only a total of more than 1.7 million people, because of an "unusual level of resistance" that Evangelist Kolenda calls "birth pangs."

"Although this crusade was Evangelist Bonnke's Farewell in Africa, it is really just the beginning of something new and wonderful. God has given me the vision for a "Decade of Double Harvest," Kolenda said.

"I believe that over the next decade, we will see another 75-million people won to Christ and tonight was the beginning," he added. "No wonder we are feeling the pangs of birth."