Church Mission Society takes major step in goal of impacting 50 million families across Africa

Canon Moses Bushendich, the new international director of CMS-Africa(Photo: Jeremy Woodham/Church Mission Society)

Church Mission Society Africa reached a major milestone as it celebrated its 10th anniversary this week with the opening of new international headquarters in Kenya. 

The 13-storey building in Nairobi is three years in the making.  It contains office space and conference facilities, and will serve as the central hub for CMS-Africa's work across the region. 

The opening ceremony was attended by 200 guests, including the former Archbishop of Tanzania, the Most Rev Donald Mtetemela, and former Archbishop of Rwanda, the Most Rev Onesphore Rwaje. 

Also present were CMS-Africa's outgoing international director, Dr Dennis Tongoi, and his successor Canon Moses Bushendich. 

The opening of the building is a major milestone in fulfilling CMS-Africa's vision of impacting 50 million families across the continent by 2050.

CMS-Africa is focusing on training, women's empowerment, families, young people, and business owners and leaders.

Canon Moses said the new building was a 'miracle of faith, belief and trust in God'.

CMS-Africa's new headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya

'The new building will provide a base for CMS-Africa, a place where Africans can pray for mission and the means to make CMS-Africa sustainable,' he said.

Canon Philip Mounstephen, executive leader of Church Mission Society, said the new headquarters was a 'significant step' towards the fulfilment of CMS's vision for mission in Africa.

'Over 10 years CMS-Africa has grown and matured, and is now at the vanguard of mission, not only for Africa, but elsewhere in the world. Through Canon Moses and his team, I believe CMS-Africa can be a catalyst to renew mindsets and transform communities for millions of Africans,' he said. 

Since its founding 10 years ago, CMS-Africa has grown to include country coordinators and missionaries in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan. 

These teams have worked together to develop business as mission, financial freedom and youth training programmes.  Some 20,000 people have taken part in these training programmes, which teach people how to manage their money and run ethical businesses among other life skills.  

Summing up the vision for whole life discipleship, Dr Tongoi said: 'We believe in church on Monday.'

Dr Tongoi, who is retiring after 10 years at the helm of CMS-Africa, added, 'As I come to the end of my tenure as director of CMS-Africa, the overriding emotion I feel is joy at seeing people that God has raised up and I have had the privilege to work alongside, impacting countless lives as God works through this ministry.'