Worship leader pens heartbreaking song for aborted babies after New York legalises terminations up to birth

Worship leader Phil King has penned a moving song in response to the legalisation of abortion up to birth in New York state. 

King, who is the NxtGen Worship Pastor at Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas, launched the song 'Not Forgotten' on his Instagram page over the weekend. 

The song was co-written by Cody Ray Lee, worship leader at Upper Room, and has garnered positive responses from pro-lifers.

'Wrote this song over the recent laws passed in New York State,' King wrote. 'This is for all of the babies lost. We love you, we remember you, and we are fighting for you.'

The touching lyrics pay tribute to the babies whose lives have been lost through abortion and tells them that their deaths have not been in vain: 

'We are fighting for you, we've answered your silent cry to be your voice,

'Your life was not for nothing, we celebrate your heartbeat,

'The price that you paid is a fire that'll change this world'

King told Faithwire he had been left 'heartbroken' by the abortion law passed earlier this month by New York state governor Andrew Cuomo permitting terminations into the third trimester where the mother's health is at risk. 

'Other than pray, the only thing I knew to do was sit down and write a song to pour out what I was feeling for all of those who have been lost to abortion,' he said, adding that he 'cried a lot' during the writing process. 

He said he hoped that the song would 'bring the Church into even greater unity over the abortion issue'.

'I hope that it would become a declaration of God's heart and our heart to this issue that would move us into action,' he said, adding that he wanted the church to 'begin to adopt and start saving lives like crazy, on a level we've never seen before'.

'God's not short on resources for us to see this happen,' he said.