Sean Lowe is counting down 'five short months' before meeting his second child

(PHOTO: Instagram/Sean Lowe)Sean Lowe shared this photo of his wife, Catherine Giudici, having her ultrasound taken.

"The Bachelor" alum Sean Lowe simply cannot wait to meet his second baby, and he is counting the days until he gets to hold his second child.

He and his wife, Catherine Giudici, went to the doctor's office for an ultrasound appointment a few days ago, and Lowe captured the precious moment on camera. He shared it on Instagram (@seanloweksu) and wrote, "We got to see our baby today! In just five short months, we'll get to see who will challenge Samuel for my love," Lowe captioned the photo.

Lowe and Giudici announced their pregnancy back in November by sharing a video of their son, Samuel Thomas, pointing to his mother's belly while trying to say "baby." Since then, Lowe has shared updates of his wife's pregnancy on social media.

During an interview with PEOPLE, Lowe said he has a hunch his next baby would be another boy. However, he would love to have a daughter who looks like Giudici. "But we'll be so happy either way," he quickly added. "Catherine wants five kids. And we want to adopt as well. It's all a learning process!"

Lowe also said he wants his next baby's gender to be a surprise, so they'll find out only on the day Giudici gives birth. "We're not going to find out the gender," he shared. "We didn't with [son Samuel] and it's really exciting to be in the hospital and find out. And neither of us are Type A planners, so we're fine with it."

Meanwhile, Giudici compared her first and second pregnancies and said that the second one has left her feeling more tired. But since she's not suffering from any major pregnancy symptoms, the reality star suspects that she's built for motherhood.

"I'm more tired [this time around], but I've never been nauseous or sick, even with Samuel," she said. "That makes me think I'm either made for this or it's another boy! I feel really blessed to be feeling so good."