Chance the Rapper says it's 'dope' that Kanye West has started making Christian music

Chance the Rapper often references God in his music and speaks about his Christian faith in public(Facebook/Chance the Rapper)

Kanye West released his first gospel album Jesus is King to mixed reviews last month but one person who's definitely cheering him on is Chance the Rapper.

Chance aired his views on the famous rapper's journey into Christian music while appearing on Sean Evans' "Hot Ones" YouTube series. 

He said Kanye was only doing what Christian music artists should be doing - praising God - and that this was "slightly more important" than making regular music because it was worshipping God.

Chance, who is also a Christian, was recently a guest performer at Kanye's Sunday Service in Chicago.

Sunday Service is a Christian music project started earlier this year by Kanye following his conversion to Christianity. Although they started off as exclusive gatherings with only his close friends and family in Calabasas, they have taken on new dimensions, and he recently filled out one of the biggest churches in the US with a performance at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

The "All We Got" singer said it was "dope" that Kanye was introducing worship songs to people who might not otherwise listen to this type of music. 

Speaking about Kanye's Christian music and Sunday Services, he said: "It's slightly more important because it's doing what we're supposed to do, shouting praise.

"Seeing Kanye get all these people together reveal these songs of worship that have been around forever to people who may not know them. It's an important thing that's supposed to be happening right now and it's dope that Ye is doing it."

Addressing 17,000 people during his Lakewood Sunday Service, Kanye said that following his conversion he was now "in service to God".

"Jesus has won the victory," he said. 

He also revealed that he's on a mission to transform the music industry and that he's already working with other Christians in the studio who share his vision. 

"God is strengthening our hands. We have writers, we have producers, we're taking all the most fire producers and bringing them back to God," he said.

"All the best voices, all the best dancers, for us to see that it's through Christ."