Why be offended by something you don't believe?

Sydney Angove/Unsplash

If I had a penny for every time someone posted or shared something offensive to Christians on social media, I'd have a lot of pennies.

The news lately has been bombarded with different points on the topic of Australian rugby player, Israel Folau and his controversial Instagram post. The post was a strict warning of what he believes awaits sinners and those who don't repent, but also highlights God's love for everyone.

There have been arguments made for the harsh truths of the post possibly offending some and being too blunt for social media, but the idea that someone could be offended by something that they don't believe in makes very little sense.

Inclusion or delusion

With Folau's job and career on the line it's probably worth mentioning that it would be 'real' discrimination to fire him based on his religious beliefs, no matter how vocal he is.

It's also interesting that his post might be considered hate speech or an infringement on religious freedom laws - this is dangerous territory for freedom of speech for every Australian.

Politics aside, Israel's post is no different to a public figure sharing global warming posts in the hope that someone hears the message. In the same sense, not everyone believes in global warming and those who don't are generally not offended by people who tell them we're all going to die in 20 years, because it simply means nothing to them.

Rugby Australia hopes to promote inclusion by excluding Folau, but if RA hopes to avoid taking a position in religious or political arguments then they ought to exclude all sponsors and affiliations who endorse any sort of political agenda, right? Wouldn't that fix everything?

Whoever acknowledges me...

For a public figure to profess their beliefs on social media to an audience of almost half a million-plus, whatever publicity his post got him, is sadly uncommon and it isn't hard to see why.

Something to notice about Folau's post is that it isn't anything that hasn't already been addressed in the Bible itself, to back this up, Folau quoted Galatians 5:19-21 KJV in the caption.

His post isn't introducing any new or radical ideas to be contested by Christians or the public, this information is open to everyone whether they have Instagram or not.

To be offended by this post, one would have to recognise the authority of God, his existence and the weight of sin, or it would mean nothing to the non-believer.

Also worth mentioning is this isn't his first post declaring his faith and sharing the word of God, people only seem to be offended when it suits them.

Folau is undoubtedly a fearless follower of God and will see the benefits of his faithfulness. Matthew chapter 10 verse 32 says: "Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven."

For the not-yet-saved reader, in regards to the truth in Folau's post, it's important to know that Christians only despise the sin, not the sinner.

Courtesy of Press Service International