A picture tells a thousands words: Wakefield Cathedral photo installation spotlights special journeys

Tony Wade's Boundary exhibition(Photo: Wakefield Cathedral)

A picture postcard artshow has gone on display at Wakefield Cathedral offering a snapshot of people's favourite places and journeys.

The artshow sits alongside the Boundary exhibition being run at the cathedral by local artist Tony Wade, which comprises 60 paintings laid out in a circle to give a complete view of the Wakefield District boundary. 

The exhibition, called Favourite journeys: Favourite places, is running throughout August and September, and brings together postcards sent in to Wakefield Cathedral from people on their summer holidays. 

Visitors to the cathedral will also be able to get involved with the exhibition by filling in blank postcards with their own pictures and words. 

'Favourite journeys: Favourite places' is running at Wakefield Cathedral until September(Photo: Tony Wade)

Mr Wade said: "I think it's important we remember and celebrate journeys and places that mean something to us and I'm looking forward to reading about journeys others have made and displaying them in the cathedral." 

The Dean of Wakefield, the Very Rev Simon Cowling said: "All of us have places and journeys that are special to us, and we are looking forward at the Cathedral to hearing from you about your own special places and journeys and adding them to our gallery over the summer.

"We like to think that Wakefield Cathedral becomes a special place for everyone who visits and look forward to seeing you at this unique exhibition."

Boundary ends on Saturday 17 August. Favourite Places: Favourite Journeys runs until September.