Zondervan showcases graphic novel at Comic Con

Zondervan is hoping to meet growing demand for faith-based graphic novels with its new release, Firstborn.

The debut graphic novel from The Last Adam series is being showcased at Comic Con, currently taking place in San Diego.

The novel tells the epic story of Jesus's early life and how it all began, with prophetic visions, miracles, angelic visitations, wondrous births and unbreakable family bonds.

Written by Mark Arey and Matt Dorff, the Scriptures are given a visual twist with the illustrations of Kai Carpenter, and letters and title design by Carlton Riffel.

But Zondervan doesn't just want Firstborn to impress visually, it also wants the novel to reflect the true Gospel story as much as possible and be a faith resource to Christians.

During Comic Con, Zondervan is teaming up with the Christian Comic Arts Society to engage visitors in a wider conversation about the use of graphic novels in spreading the Gospel and inspiring people of faith to dig deeper into the history and theology of their beliefs.