YWAM seeks volunteers for university expansion

If you've never heard of a volunteer-cation, the best way to describe it is volunteering and vacationing at the same time - or better said, the best of both worlds!

YWAM is looking for people with construction and related skills to come and help expand their University of the Nations campus in beautiful Kona, Hawaii.

The expansion is being carried out now in order to accommodate the current and expected future growth of the student body and volunteer staff.

It includes a new cafeteria, media centre, new classrooms, sports facilities, and additional housing for staff and students.

The Summer Surge project will provide volunteers and their families with free room and board. All the volunteers have to do is get there.

The ethos of the build programme is "work hard, play hard" so there are lots of fun family activities being planned, along with a weekly Kids Camp, to make sure volunteers have time for that much-needed rest they would get on a normal vacation.

Summer Surge is already under way but the programme runs until 15 September and volunteers are still needed.

Troy Barnum, Director of Communications for University of the Nations, said: "You may be asking 'Missionaries in Hawaii?' You bet.

"In fact, the volunteer full-time staff have come to the Kona campus from all over the world. Centrally located between the mainland of the United States and Asia, YWAM Kona has become a springboard for singles, couples, and families to join as volunteers to see transformation in all areas of society; globally, and locally.

"The Summer Surge is not just about buildings being built. It is about individuals and families giving back to help communities around the globe."

On the web: konasummersurge.com/c/