Youth at OM TeenStreet Germany 2005 Find Hope through Christ

Operation Mobilisation’s (OM) annual international Christian youth event TeenStreet has started on Saturday 30th July in Münster, Germany. Thousands of young people from different countries have attended and enjoyed the fellowship of Christ. The theme this year is "Time Machine". It aims to guide the youths to understand their place NOW by "Remembering the FUTURE".

Youth are able to build a deeper relationship with God through the daily "The Big Adventure" programme, which features reading and reflecting on the Bible, prayer, listening to God and writing journals.

The Sunday message on I Peter reminds young people of a living hope, as the life of Jesus is alive in each one of them forever. By using the parable of growing and planting, young people are encouraged to be more patient when they are in the continuous process of growing.

"We are children of the King, citizens of God’s kingdom." This is the message received by the teens. Young people are asked to reflect on the taste of heaven that has offered to them through the Christ and to live in God’s truth.

Apart from Bible Study, young people are able to share the culture of Christ in the Arts Zone. Hundreds of teens expressed their creativity in different ways on Sunday. A team of Swiss attendees tried to construct a "Time Machine" - the theme of the event - out of wood. Some other people learned how to make African drums. Painters, dancers and musicians all expressed their love for God using heart, soul, mind and strength as hundreds of teens raised their voices to sing praise.

On Monday, an annual TeenStreet football tournament reached the final stages after 44 teams played 62 matches. The final 16 teams will enter the semi-final match on Wednesday.

TeenStreet 2005 will close on 6th August. To put the love of God into practice, TeenStreet will introduce short term mission opportunities at home and abroad called the "TiM Experience" to offer opportunity for young people to serve the community.

"TiM" stands for "Teens in Mission", after TeenStreet this year, 145 teens will speed into the Teens in Mission (TiM) Experience with OM in Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and the UK.

This is the 13th year of TeenStreet. Back in 2004, the TeenStreet in Oldenburg, Germany with the theme "Driving at the Speed of Life", drew a total of 3623 youths from 27 nations.

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