Justin Lookadoo - Christian motivational speaker who said dateable girls know how to shut up - arrested for public intoxication

Justin Lookadoo was scheduled to speak at Teen Power Camp on Tuesday.

Justin LookadooVanderburgh County Sheriff's Office

A motivational speaker who encouraged children to have strong values was arrested this week in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

Justin Lookadoo, 44, was charged with public intoxication after police found him in his car on the side of Interstate 64. He was also scheduled to speak at Youth Resources' Teen Power Camp on Tuesday.

Lookadoo told police that he pulled over to take a nap, but the officers smelled alcohol, and saw vomit in the car. A Breathalyzer test revealed a 0.07 BAC, just under the 0.08 threshold to be considered operating a vehicle under the influence. Lookadoo also failed field sobriety tests.

He was taken to Vanderburgh County Jail and released Tuesday on $200 bond.

According to his website, Lookadoo is a former juvenile probation officer and crime prevention specialist. He has spoken at over 3,000 events nationally and internationally since 1989, and is a National Speakers Association member.

He has published two faith-based books - "97 Devotions: Learn to See God in Everything," and "The Hardest 30 Days of Your Life" - and several books on teen issues.

Lookadoo came under fire in November after parents and students at Texas' Richardson High School protested his appearance at a school assembly.

The community disagreed with many statements published over ten years ago in Lookadoo's book, "Dateable: Are You? Are They?"

In "Dateable," Lookadoo said that "Dateable girls know how to shut up," and "a Dateable girl isn't Miss Independent." He also said that "being a guy is good ... They are stronger, more dangerous and more adventurous and that's okay." Lookadoo added that "Men of God are wild, not domesticated."

The school kept Lookadoo as a speaker despite the protests, but later apologized after students walked out of the assembly.

Lookadoo's webpage says that his writings were taken out of context.

"Many quotes within these media stories are completely unrelated to Justin's message shared in public high schools," the site reads.

"Justin's mainstream motivational speaking programs... are designed to reinforce the importance of high moral values and character for teens."

Lookadoo has not released a comment regarding his arrest.

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