'Young Sheldon' news: New promo shows nine-year-old 'Boy Genius' from 'Big Bang Theory'

YouTube/The Big Bang Theory PlanetNine-year-old Sheldon Cooper "outsassing" his sister at the church.

Fans of the eccentric and brutally honest "Big Bang Theory" genius Sheldon Cooper will have their Cooper "fix" soon, albeit via a nine-year-old boy genius instead of an adult one.

"Young Sheldon," a spin-off of the popular and long-running situational comedy (sitcom) "Big Bang Theory," has a new promo trailer. From the same people behind "Big Bang Theory," "Young Sheldon" explores the childhood of Cooper as a nine-year-old boy who just got accelerated into high school.

Set in 1989, Cooper, having skipped four grades, starts high school alongside his older brother who is presumably not as advanced as him. The trailer shows young Cooper, already possessing staggering levels of intellect at such a young age, being misunderstood by both friends and family, although always in a humorous manner.

This premise opens up "Young Sheldon" to several coming-of-age themes and social commentary and jokes, as well as the usual Sheldon Cooper trademark of intellectual sass and carefree criticism, which usually sounds condescending to the people around him.

"Big Bang Theory," despite its reportedly waning cultural impact, is still a television powerhouse, possibly due to Jim Parsons' Cooper having infinite potential chemistry with everyone else in the show.

"Young Sheldon's" co-creator, Chuck Lorre, will also be spicing things up with a new formula; he will be relying on a single camera instead of using the multi-camera format that people see in his other shows, "Big Bang Theory" and "Two and a Half Men." Due to this, Lorre will also not be using a studio audience, so no laugh tracks will be heard in this new series.

The show will also be narrated by none other than Parsons, the actor who brought Sheldon Cooper to life.

"Young Sheldon" will debut on Sept. 25 as a special premiere preview episode in CBS and will start airing on Nov. 2, with Ian Armitage in the role of young Sheldon Cooper.