'You are special because you show me Jesus by loving me,' Natalie Grant's daughter writes her

Natalie Grant received this as Mother's Day gifts from her daughters.(Facebook/Natalie Grant)

It looks like Christian singer Natalie Grant just had the most special Mother's Day celebration, and it is all thanks to her daughters (and their teachers!) who gave her the most touching and hilarious letters.

On her Facebook page, the singer shared a collage of photos featuring her daughters' letters which she captioned with, "A HUGE shoutout to teachers everywhere who take the time with your students to create treasures like these. THANK YOU. And sending special love to Mrs Millegan and Ms Kelli who helped my girls create the perfect Mother's Day gifts. They made me giggle and cry and I will keep them forever."

One portion of the collage featured the letter written by her daughter Gracie. The young girl said that her mum was very special because "you show me Jesus by loving me when I am scared and do not know what to do. I am so blessed to be your daughter."

Meanwhile, her other daughter Bella wrote that her mum is one amazing person as she can do a lot of things, but she thinks Grant specialises in three important things. The first is that she makes a mean raspberry pretzel, tasty smoothies, and of course, her daughter loves it when she sings.

But Grant probably laughed the hardest reading Sadie's list of things about her mum. When asked how old Grant is and how much she weighs, her daughter answered that Grant is only 21 years old and weighs 22 pounds.

Sadie also said that it is her mum's job to look after their pets and she loves it when the two of them go on adventures. At the bottom, Sadie answered that she loves her mum because "she's the most beautiful person in the world."