'Xenon Valkyrie+' news: Cowcat's roguelite video game coming to PS4 and Xbox One in February

Promotional photo for roguelite video game "Xenon Valkyrie "Twitter/COWCATGames

The old-school style roguelite role-playing video game "Xenon Valkyrie+" by Cowcat is coming to PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One next month. The revamped versions of the title bring new screen filters for gamers.

"Xenon Valkyrie+" pits gamers against a wicked witch, enemies, and monsters all together in a massive storyline. The game's key features such as its chiptune music, great story, engaging levels, heroes, weapon variety, and more have been applauded by both gamers and critics. "Xenon Valkyrie+" was first released back in Dec. 19, 2017 for PlayStation Vita.

The game will arrive for PS4 on Feb. 20 and then for Xbox One the following day. Breston Fabrice, a developer from Cowcat, tweeted that the versions for PS4 and Xbox One bring additional filters to the game.

"PS4 & Xbox One versions of Xenon Valkyrie+ have exclusive screen filters, including: 2 'CRT TV' effects (scanlines or 'dirty'), a quality interpolation filter, choice between original ratio (21/9) or regular 16/9," Fabrice stated in his Twitter post.

After its launch on PS Vita, "Xenon Valkyrie+" received impressive score ratings from video game critics. Metacritic gave the game a 63% score rating for its extensive gameplay as a roguelite-platformer. The game also got a six out of 10 score from Steam.

The game also received a few suggestions and backlash for not being maximized to its full gaming content. According to PlayStation Country, the level difficulty of the game's stages is not well balanced and needs work. Cubed3 had the same feedback, indicating the game needs improvements on the entire gameplay to bring a much more engaging vintage video game to gamers.

There are still no updates from Cowcat if the game will be available for other gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch or PC. The digital release for PS4 and Xbox One will cost gamers $9.99 each.