Xbox 720 Release Date: Features and Specs to Be Unveiled at May 21 Event and E3 in June

The Xbox 720 console's release date draws ever nearer, and Microsoft is seemingly planning to unveil more details of its next generation console after sending out an invitation to the world's media about an event at their base in Redmond, Washington on May 21.

The email describes that the event will "mark the beginning of a new generation of games."

Although the email remains mysterious, many analysts have interpreted the email as basically explaining that the company is preparing to release more details and information about the new Xbox 720.

Sony announced in February that the PlayStation 4 will soon be on its way, and now it appears as though Microsoft will take its turn in revealing more details and keep its own rumor mill spinning and hype up the excitement and talk to another degree.

Both Sony and Microsoft are expected to reveal many of the details surrounding their new consoles at this year's E3 in June in Los Angeles, California.

However, even though there are those expectations for E3, it is now also expected that the company will give some pretty exciting new bits of information at the May 21 event.

Analysts still do not even know what to call the new Microsoft console yet, with the names Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity, and even Project Durango doing the rounds among gaming fans. Some have suggested that Project Durango is just a codename being used for the console and that it will be released as the Xbox 720. Forbes meanwhile has suggested Xbox Infinity as the name of the next generation device.

Although Microsoft has remained very tight-lipped on the entire release of its new console, most are now predicting that the console will be hitting stores for the Christmas shopping period.

Some have predicted that the console could even be out as early as November, and would cost about $500. Blogger Paul Thurrott has also predicted that Microsoft will offer another deal that would allow consumers to get the console for just $300 if the purchaser signs up to an Xbox LIVE Gold membership, which would cost about $10 a month.

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