Xbox One X release date, features news: Intelligent delivery system will reduce game size, download times

YouTube/XboxThe Xbox One X is now available to pre-order.

One of the highlights of the Xbox One X is 4K resolution gaming. This will allow players to experience their favorite titles in the highest graphics setting possible, although the downside of it is that game files will become extra huge. To solve the underlying problem, Microsoft has introduced the new intelligent delivery feature of the upcoming console.

According to Segment Next, the Xbox One X's intelligent delivery will allow game developers to store files in chunks, rather as single and large files. Players can download the chunks of game data when needed, thus saving more storage space in the console.

For example, Xbox One users can download a game on their console, except for the 4K textures that the base console does not support. Then, they can transfer the downloaded game to the Xbox One X with the use of an external hard drive.

The upgraded console's intelligent delivery method will let the user know that the newly-copied game has 4K textures available for download, according to Engadget.

Aside from 4K textures, there are many ways that the intelligent delivery can reduce game sizes. When downloading "FIFA" video games, Xbox One X users can now choose the languages that they prefer to appear. Without intelligent delivery, users will have no choice but to download all other language files that they don't need.

When it comes to games like "Call of Duty," players can choose either single-player or multiplayer mode to remain in the console. They can delete the mode that they don't need at the moment and reinstall them on the Xbox One X anytime.

The Xbox One X intelligent delivery system will also support game titles stored on multiple discs. The physical copies of video games usually include a primary disc with the important data and supporting discs that include add-ons. The intelligent delivery method will allow game developers to create up to 15 or more supporting discs.

The Xbox One X will be released worldwide on Nov. 7, with the console currently available to pre-order.