X-Men spinoff 'The New Mutants' release date news: Filming begins; Alice Braga joins cast

Facebook/gameofthronesMaisie Williams, best known for her role as Arya Stark in "Game of Thrones," will play the shapeshifting Wolfsbane in "New Mutant."

One of the X-Men movies in 20th Century Fox's lineup for 2018 is the spinoff called "The New Mutants." Director Josh Boone has officially announced that the movie will now commence filming. 

Pre-production is over and now, it is time for filming to begin, and Boone shared a photo on his Instagram account as a way of telling everyone that "The New Mutants" is coming to life real soon. The photo is of a clapperboard with a picture of the "Growing Pains" cast, and the "O" in the title was replaced with the trademark X-Men logo. Funnily enough, the working title for the mutant-filled spinoff was also "Growing Pains." 

The spinoff will be about a younger generation of mutants formed by Professor X and the movie will feature most of the original lineup of New Mutants, such as Rahne Sinclair a.k.a Wolfsbane, Illyana Rasputin a.k.a Magik, Sam Guthrie a.k.a Cannonball, Roberto da Costa a.k.a Sunspot and Dani Moonstar a.k.a Mirage. Whether the other mutants such as Karma, Warlock and Magma will also join the lineup remains to be seen.

"Game of Thrones" actress Maisie Williams, "Split" actress Anya Taylor-Joy, "The Originals"'Blu Hunt, "Stranger Things"' Charlie Heaton and "13 Reasons Why"'s Henry Zaga have been confirmed to be part of the cast. They will be playing Wolfsbane, Magik, Danielle Moonstar, Cannonball and Sunspot, respectively. 

"Queen of the South" actress Alice Braga was recently announced to join the cast as Dr. Cecilia Reyes, the mutant mentor to the teenage superheroes. Braga will replace Rosario Dawson, who was in talks for the role for a long time. Alexandra Shipp, who plays Storm, is also said to be making an appearance in the movie, but it is most likely that she will be returning to the role in "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" instead. The same goes for James McAvoy, who plays Professor X. 

"The New Mutants" is scheduled to premiere on April 13, 2018.