WWE Rumors: Lana to wrestle after AJ Lee retirement?


Lana, or Catherine Joy Perry, has been best known in the WWE for being the sidekick and valet of the Bulgarian Brute Rusev. And many wonder when Lana would ever get into the ring and wrestle for real.

Lana debuted in 2013 with WWE NXT but has been making strides since then as Rusev's valet. And now folks are wondering if that could come any time soon.

Lana is one of the current Divas many are hoping to see in the ring and apparently there were calls to have her join the battle royal.

But the question is on whether Lana is ready to wrestle? Paige, the one who eventually won the battle royal threw a tweet telling Lana to learn first to which Lana practically agreed to. So does that mean we will see Lana wrestle any time soon?

With AJ Lee going into retirement and rumors that the Bella Twins may be leaving the WWE soon, seeing Lana enter the fray and beef up the roster of available Divas the WWE has could be good news.

Lana has done a magnificent job being by the side of Rusev but as far as wrestling skills are concerned, such leaves a big question mark. She has been intruding in some of Rusev's matches but there hasn't been one to somehow show that she has any wrestling capability.

Hence, it may be best for Lana to heed Paige's advice to learn the ropes first before getting into active competition. Once that happens, the WWE Universe is bound to look into that closely since most of known managers have made that big jump, successfully or not.

So will Lana dip her hands into actual wrestling? From the looks of it, the thought should be leaning to a positive yes.