WWE diva converts to Christianity, confesses to a life of sin

Taryn Terrell speaks about her journey to Christ on YouTubeYouTube

Stunning wrestling diva Taryn Terrell has shared a dramatic knock-down testimony of conversion from life in the ring to life with Christ.

In a ten-minute video  on her YouTube channel, the blonde beauty describes a "profound feeling" she had when sitting in church that she needed to do something, to reach out to other new Christians like herself.

She describes herself as a "baby believer" at the beginning of her journey, and says she hopes the video might help someone else at the start of their Christian journey. "It might help people feel comfortable enough to walk into church and start to pray."

She says she had always wanted to be a Christian, and even believed she was, but began to ask herself how she could have a relationship with God if she put nothing into that relationship. 

Terrell is a former Playboy model who performed with World Wrestling Entertainment under the stage name Tiffany, and once competed in a Halloween contest dressed as a nun. She was suspended and then released from her contract with WWE after an incident with her husband, the Scottish WWE wrestler Andrew "Drew" Galloway. They subsequently divorced. She continued with a successful wrestling career and also worked as a stunt woman. 

In the video said she said that years ago, she had found herself in Tampa, Florida one day with tears streaming down her face. So she went to a Christian bookstore.

Wrestler Karyn Terrell with Jessie Godderz, Velvet Sky and Bully Ray at Spike TV's "Guys Choice" awards in Los Angeles last year.Phil McCarten/Reuters

In the bookstore, the sales assistant asked her if she had been saved. She said she had.

"Sure I believe in God, I believe in heaven, I was baptised so, sure, I was saved."

She went on the road with WWE and the "want" to be a Christian fell by the wayside. In the entertainment lifestyle there was "so much temptation", Terrell added, and said she was "ashamed" of a lot of the decisions she made. "I lived in sin." She wondered how she could be accepted by God after the "awful" things she had done.

Then she learned about forgiveness. "I could truly be forgiven for all the bad things I have done. I could be forgiven."

She realised she needed to go to church, open a Bible and delve into it. "All this time I thought I was a Christian, and I wasn't."

She was driving one day with her daughter was in the backseat when she had an overwhelming realisation.

"God sent Jesus to die for our sins. We are not talking about somebody who says, 'Sure, you are forgiven'. We are talking about somebody who suffered, who died so that we could be forgiven. The heaviness of that came upon me and I went to church that next week and my pastor was talking about the same thing, the exact same thing. If God wasn't trying to talk to me than I don't know anything because that was so God reaching to me and saying, 'Understand this, Taryn understand this, this is what makes you a Christian, this is what gets you there.'"

Terrell said she is an "infant Christian" who was so recently on the other side, wondering whether she really needed a personal relationship with Jesus to go to heaven. She said she's now trying to grow in her relationship with Christ. "All of you who are watching this, please, find your journey."