'WWE 2K17' roster news: Wyatt Family and Sheamus teased for follow-up to 'WWE 2K16'

Brock Lesnar is the cover athlete for "WWE 2K17."Facebook/WWE2K

Although 2K Sports is keeping its lips tight on who will be on the "WWE 2K17" roster, the developer has peppered hints all over its advertisements for the game.

Kotaku spotted a truckload of references to wrestlers in the cover reveal trailer for Brock Lesnar, hinting some of the rosters to be expected in the game.

The trailer suggested that fans can expect a couple of WWE legends in the "WWE 2K17" roster. First is Booker T (the Spinaroonie reference on the ferries wheel) will be the first thing to notice, but still a bit tricky to spot.

A more blatant reference is that of Big Show, whose face is plastered on a billboard that advertises his "really big and really tall menswear." The billboard itself might be a bit challenging to spot though.

"WWE 2K17" will undoubtedly include warriors who dominate the show today. One is Alberto Del Rio, whose surname pops up on a building façade.

There's also a really quick shot of a poster that has Sheamus all over it. The poster shows the name of a place called Brogue Kick Saloon, alluding to his finishing move. His logo was dominating the poster.

The people in the sheep masks glimpsed in the "WWE 2K17" trailer – which are unmistakably The Wyatt family trademarks – hint that the clan will be in the game.

"WWE 2K16" cover star Stone Cold Steve Austin will unsurprisingly be part of the installment, not only because he was the face of last year's game, but his skull logo was in the trailer.

Lesnar's inclusion also meant that his manger Paul Heyman will be in "WWE 2K17." Speaking of the former ECW head, he recently spoke to Games Radar about who he would like to see in the game's latest installment.

Heyman said that he'd like to see ECW commentator Joey Styles on "WWE 2K17" for the simple reason that he'd like to see Lesnar "f5" him.

"WWE 2K17" will be released on Oct. 11.