'WWE 2K17' news: title sees debut of Braun Strowman and others; 2K Games making improvements to moveset

WWE 2K16, the current game in the series2K Games

"WWE 2K16" has the largest roster of superstars in the history of the franchise but the roster is about to get even bigger as WWE 2K17 News indicates several superstars will be making their debut in the series with "WWE 2K17." However, the roster is not the only aspect growing as the developers have confirmed the movesets will be updated as well.

According to the report, Braun Strowman, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Austin Aries, American Alpha, Asuka and all four Divas of the Four Horsewomen group are expected to make their first video game appearance in "WWE 2K17." Fans also speculate that classic players such as Bubba Ray and D Von Dudley may be returning to the roster.

It was previously reported that the roster will not just grow but be better represented as well given that several wrestlers are reportedly heading to the 2K Games studios in order to have their faces scanned, hinting that "WWE 2K17" will have better graphics and improved facial designs. 

The roster is not the only aspect of the game growing as 2K Games has announced on their official forums that they will be updating the series' movesets as well. However, this time around the developers will be working hand-in-hand with the fans in the "WWE 2K" community.

"Though our team is full of lifelong wrestling fans, we know we're not the only experts out there. With the 'WWE 2K' community's combined support and knowledge, we believe we can collaborate effectively in creating the most authentic movesets ever for future 'WWE 2K' games," reads the official announcement. 

It is noted in the announcement that fans can continue submitting their concepts for new movesets or alterations to the current movesets for each wrestler up to June 30. 

"WWE 2K17" has no official release date but is expected to release by this October.