WWE 2015 news and rumors: Sheamus cashing in at Night of Champions?

Sheamus[photo: Commons Wikimedia/Eva Rinaldi]

Sheamus still has the Money in the Bank briefcase in his possession and contrary to belief that he would cash in at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) SummerSlam, such never happened.

Heading into the next WWE pay-per-view (PPV), WWE Night of Champions slated this September, rumors are once again afloat on whether or not the Celtic Warrior could cash in when Seth Rollins faces Sting.

After WWE RAW which saw John Cena and Sting confront Seth Rollins, it seems that WWE Night of Champions just got a bit interesting.

Rather than just one match, Seth Rollins will be having two matches for the night, one against Cena and another against Sting. So as things are turning out, it seems that Rollins will be going through a gauntlet to keep that WWE title and finally get his statue which never came last week.

Two matches in a night is indeed grueling and only an elite few have survived. But wait. What if Sheamus decides to cash in?

Assuming Rollins gets past Cena and Sting, Sheamus could take advantage of a presumably worn out Rollins to snag the title. It could be the best time as ever for Sheamus to cash in, something better than a single match wherein Rollins may still have enough kick to fend off any challenges.

Should that happens and Rollins falls, it means goodbye WWE title and goodbye statue. Fair enough?

Rollins, portraying heel at his best, seems to be fast-forwarding a bit to become one of the WWE greats. While he has proven he can stand up against the best, seeing him awarded a statue at this point seems a bit premature.

Two matches and a cash-in all in one night? If Rollins is able to survive this one then by no means he deserves to be feted. But until such happens, the only thing official is that he will have two fights in one night.

WWE Night of Champions is set to be held at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on Sept. 20. The PPV will be aired live via the WWE Network starting at 8 p.m. EST and 5 p.m. PST.