A new kids book to push back against the 'explosion' of transgender stories for children

'My Body and Me' by Rachel Rooney

An award-winning poet has written a new children's book in response to the "explosion" in transgender literature for children. 

With her new book, 'My Body is Me!', author Rachel Rooney said she wanted to "write an alternative narrative" to the books suggesting to children that they might have been born in the 'wrong' body which are being increasingly used in schools. 

'My Body is Me!' uses story, rhyme and colourful illustrations to encourage children to have a healthy acceptance of their bodies.  

Rooney said she was worried about the potential harm being done by giving children transgender-themed books to read. 

The book is being supported by Transgender Trend, a parent-led campaign group challenging the social and medical gender transition of children.

Rooney said she hoped the message of 'My Body is Me!' would be "widely shared". 

"I'm concerned about children who may grow up to be gay or who are discovered to be on the autism spectrum are learning that the reason they may feel confused or different is because they were born in the wrong body," Rooney told The Times

The former special educational needs teacher added: "It's impossible to have the 'wrong' body. It's a very worrying message we're sending to children."