OM TeenStreet Attracts 3,600 Christians to Germany

Organised by Operational Mobilisation (OM), TeenStreet 2004 is now underway in Oldenburg, Germany. Carrying on the last 12 years of success, the international congress has attracted 3645 people from 20 nations to gather under the theme, “Driving at The Speed of Life” from 31st July to 7th August. The purpose of TeenStreet is to motivate and equip young Christians to have a real friendship with Jesus and to reflect Him in their lives.

According to the TeenStreet 2004 Team, “Driving at the Speed of Life” is all about taking a hold of “God’s Speed for your Life”. God created every person for a purpose: “To Love God and Love People.” The event will enable young Christians to experience success in fulfilling this purpose.

The daily schedule for the event features a “Big Question” which will stimulate a reflection on the purpose of life. For example, “Who’s navigating my life?”, “How big is my God?” and “How am I remembering God?”. Participants are divided into small teams. The programme “Big Adventure” is held everyday to guide participants to meditate upon the questions orientated in the Bible. It empahsises on four areas that ensure a good communication with God - reading the bible (READ); listening to the messages (LISTEN); praying and praising (SPEAK); writing reflections, poems and songs (WRITE).

Running with TeenStreet 2004, TNT (Teens Need Teens) is a project to provide opportunity for participants of TeenStreet to do something for other teens. This year they will collect money for children in Iraq.

Participants can join in a TNT race or perform in TeenStreet-World-Record-Show. The race takes 90 minutes and over a 2 kilometer long stretch must overcome different obstacles: a water trench, a hill of soap, an air castle and other soft objects. At the World-Record-Show, teens perform and try to set a new record, for example: most clothes pegs on a face, balancing on one foot for two hours and toss as many pancakes as possible in the air.

Apart from all these, some inspiring movies on life-related topics will be shown. The movies are available on the official website, so that all people can be part of the event through the internet regardless of where they are.

After TeenStreet this year, 145 teens will speed into the Teens in Mission (TiM) Experience with OM in Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and the UK. The official website has updated reports for the event everyday. For further details, please visit the website:

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