World Vision's Ethiopia Work to Benefit from 'The Big Blow'

World Vision's work in Ethiopia will benefit from 'The Big Blow' this weekend, when brass bands from across the UK will join forces with the goal of setting a world record for the biggest brass band to perform in public.

The event will take place at the annual Butlins Mineworkers Open National Brass Band Festival on Saturday 20 January in Skegness.

'The Big Blow's' organisers expect four and a half thousand bandsmen and women to attend the festival and take part in brass band history by attempting this record and raising money for World Vision.

Organiser, Jon Handley said, "The resort facilities and the ever increasing popularity of this contest made it the perfect venue to host this exciting record attempt. We're looking forward to welcoming all the bandspeople already attending the festival, but are also proposing arrangements for day visitors to be part of this momentous event."

"The Big Blow is going to be a spectacular moment in setting a new Guinness World Record and probably the first time that World Vision has had so many supporters in one place too," said Annette Humphrey, World Vision's Major Donor Manager who will be present at the event tomorrow.

Fundraising for World Vision among the brass band community has been spearheaded by Brass Band Aid, which has been raising funds for the last two years for education projects in northern Ethiopia.

Its co-founder Bob Thompson said, "So far we have raised over fifty thousand pounds through fundraising initiatives. It has not been hard to raise money for Africa and issues of poverty via the brass band community. I have found the whole journey quite refreshing in terms of support, and I have been overwhelmed by the lengths people will go to make the initiative a success."