World Vision Taiwan Donors Reach 100,000 Mark

The number of donors to World Vision Taiwan has reached the 100,000 mark, the organisation reports. This marks a new milestone since the charity's establishment in the country in 1964.

World Vision Taiwan said that the 100,000 donors in Taiwan have, through the charity's one-on-one sponsor programmes, assisted in alleviating the conditions of a total of 133,869 children in Taiwan and abroad.

Children from 28 countries are receiving help from World Vision's Taiwan donors, including nations from Africa, eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia, World Vision Taiwan said.

The international charity also assists Taiwanese children residing in rural areas.

The organisation established its Taiwan branch in 1964 to receive overseas donations for impoverished children in Taiwan, but the Taiwan office became a self-supporting operation in 1985 amid the country's economic development.

Hsieh Chin-mei, a twenty-eight year old woman, said that she felt lucky after being told that she was the 100,000th World Vision Taiwan donor.

Hsieh said that she decided to donate to the charity after reading a book on an African woman who adopted sixty Aids-afflicted children after losing her husband to sickness and her daughter to Aids.

World Vision Taiwan said that Hsieh has expressed her desire to sponsor a child from Africa and India.

Hsieh said that when she receives the children's information, she would write to them and encourage them to hold on to their dreams.

World Vision Taiwan said that approximately two-thirds of its 100,000 donors are women, with a significant number donating on behalf of the family.

Some 68.5 per cent of World Vision Taiwan's donors are between the age of 26-35, followed by the age group of 46 to 55 at 14.4 per cent.

The charity said that students account for ten per cent of its donors.

"World Vision Taiwan not only cares for the needs of Taiwan's children, but also brings Taiwan's compassion to 28 countries in Africa, Latin America, eastern Europe, and Asia to win Taiwan the name of a compassionate country," said World Vision Taiwan in a statement.