World Vision sends emergency task force to China quake zone

Earthquake survivors being treated at a makeshift hospitalAP

World Vision is responding after two powerful earthquakes struck in China's north-west Gansu province in the early hours of this morning. 

The first earthquake near Dingxi city was 5.98 magnitude and was followed just over an hour later by a magnitude 5.6 quake.  

At least 75 people have been killed and more than 400 injured by the quakes.  According to the BBC, 380 houses in the province's Zhangxian county have collapsed and at least 5,600 have suffered serious damage.

Wai Kim Lee, who manages World Vision's Wushan office in Gansu province, said he felt the stairs shaking as he left his house for work this morning. 

"People rushed into the street to find out what was happening," he said. 

He has organised an emergency taskforce in conjunction with World Vision Hong Kong.  

The taskforce is bringing 400 tarpaulin rolls to make shelters for those left homeless by the quakes.  They will also distribute 2,000 hygiene kits containing towels, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Some 2,000 child-friendly kits containing toys, stationery and hygiene products will also be distributed in the affected areas.  

Victor Kan, national director of World Vision China, said "By distributing these kits to children in targeted disaster-affected communities, we hope to help the children re-establish a sense of normality and ensure that they enjoy good psychosocial health."

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