World Evangelical Alliance Appoints New Chair for Youth Commission

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) has appointed a new Chair for its Youth Commission, which is one of the six specialised ministries that will help facilitate the core projects of the alliance.

Paul Fleischmann, the co-founder and president of the Nation Network of Youth Ministries in the US has been unanimously elected to lead the WEA Youth Commission at the WEA Annual Meeting in January. However, although the recommendation was made in January, Fleischmann had to wait until March when the International Council reviewed the nomination and confirmed the appointment.

Fleischmann said, "Since WEA's vision is to disciple the nations, and since over 50% of the world is under 25 years of age, we feel an urgency to establish and support effective Youth Commissions in every nation."

The WEA has 123 national affiliates and the purpose of the Youth Commission is to serve these organisations to aid them in reaching out to young people and mobilising them to "disciple communities and the world for Jesus Christ."

Currently there have been 39 Youth Commissions established around the world, and another 21 are currently in the process of being formed.

Fleischmann expressed his desire to help build strategic partnerships between the Youth network – he said, "First, we want to impart a vision to the church in each region and nation for reaching every young person for Jesus Christ—discipling them and mobilising them to reach their communities and, ultimately, to go to the world."

He continued, "Second, we hope to stimulate the planting of youth ministry networks in every area—in order to facilitate youth prayer movements, positive relationships and communication between youth workers, and increased effectiveness through strategic partnerships."

The Youth Commission arm of the WEA has been holding training consultations over the past four years, and these have taken place in Africa, Europe, Latin America, Asia and North America. In addition the WEA Youth Commission has announced that this November the Evangelical Fellowship of India will host the next training consultation.