Women take the lion's share of holiday planning

When it comes to organising the family get away, it looks like women are the ones making sure it all goes to plan.

That's according to new research from holiday rental specialists Owners Direct.

Their survey found that once the destination had been chosen, 82% of women said they took sole responsibility for booking flights, accommodation and car hire.

Just under two thirds (64%) said they are the ones who arrange the insurance, while just over half (55%) said they take care of ordering currency.

Eighty per cent said they buy the holiday items like clothing and sun cream, while 64% said that the packing was left to them.

Sixty-nine per cent of women said they are even left to make the arrangements for the plants to be watered.

“I do the research, consult my family, but after two minutes my husband does
not care anymore and I do the rest,” was the comment of one woman.

Owners Direct said that women spend so much time preparing for the holiday that they are exhausted by the time it comes round.

However, some women admitted that they took on the majority of the holiday organising because they just couldn't trust their other half to get it right.

“Last time I let hubby pack he took my underwear out to put something else
in the case and I had to go and buy new when we got there,” said one female

“I gave my husband responsibility for passports one year and he informed me on the way to the airport that mine ran out whilst we were away! No flight for me, just a trip to Glasgow passport office, then the travel agents. £450 later, I was able to join them in Portugal,” recalled another.

Angela Southall, Marketing Manager for Owners Direct said: “As women seem to do all the preparation before they go on holiday, they really need a good rest and a chance to unwind as soon as they arrive."