Women living in the Spirit

Alexandra Palace seated over four thousand women for this year’s Woman to Woman Conference on Saturday, hosted by Premier Christian Radio’s Maria Rodrigues-Toth.

Leading a ‘spirit filled life’ was the focus of the conference which was led by speakers from across the globe who used humour, Bible scripture and hard hitting testimonies to get their messages across.

The line-up for the day was Jill Briscoe, Heidi Baker, Danielle Strickland, Kym Mazelle and J John. Women of all ages were encouraged to be attentive to the Holy Spirit in the meeting and their everyday lives.

Millie Blair, a ticket holder from Willesden, was given the opportunity to attend the conference as a birthday gift. “My friend had so kindly given me this treat. I’m excited about today to hear from God’ she said.

“I hope to hear something to take away to empower me.”

Jules Middleton, wife, blogger and mother of three also attended the conference. For her, American missionary Heidi Baker was a key speaker.

“I think Heidi is a very inspirational woman. I’ve read so much about her and I wanted to come and hear how God is using her,” she said.

She continued: “It’s always great to visit events where there are Christians who are fired up for God. It’s great to come and hear really inspirational teaching."

Many powerful testimonies were shared throughout the day. Former secular artist Kym Mazelle told her story of how she found God after a turbulent past in the music industry.

“I heard a voice. It said ‘come out’. I remember asking the Lord, how long have you been saying this to me?”

She continued: “I left the industry and moved to England. I never learned how to drive so my feet became my only carriage and I walked and walked and took public transport. God would lead me to different places and there would be people along my path that would speak to me and encourage me.

"I remember one lady on my way asking me ‘are you Kym Mazelle?' 'What are you doing on the train?' 'Why are you on the train?' I said ‘because I’m free'."

Closing the conference was Heidi Baker, who’s missionary work in Mozambique is an inspiration to many. Her eighteen years in the country have been spent comforting orphaned children and imparting knowledge into them of God’s unconditional love.

"Paul says he prayed that we may live a life worthy of the Lord, and we may please him in every way, bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God,” she said.

Praise and worship was led by Lara Martin, Noel Robinson and the Premier Gospel Choir.