Women celebrate purity and preciousness

Milk & Honey, a non-for profit organisation and online hub for young women launched their inaugural event 'The Precious Conference' over the weekend.

St Mary's Church in Marylebone opened their doors to young women aged 16 to 25 for a day of sisterhood, worship and empowerment.

The conference supports the 'I Am Precious Campaign', a movement by Milk and Honey that strives to tackle the common societal pressures that 21st century women face.

Guest speakers delivered hard hitting testimonies of how God has used them to win souls, and the spiritual nourishment they have received as a result of their choice to surrender.

Hannah Thompson, a support worker from Mercy Ministries, shared her story of how God turned her life around and helped her realise the importance of acknowledging self-worth.

She explained the importance of surrendering to God and discarding the past.

"No matter what your past may look like, no matter what hurt, what thing you're ashamed of, God is alive in you. When he looks at you, he sees you as pure, he sees you as a new creation," she said.

"I honestly believe that as women, there is something powerful that the enemy hates. There is something strong and when he sees it he trembles."

Women were encouraged by Thompson to let God's intervention increase in their lives and to "share the dreams that he has in store". "Sometimes I think that we can get so caught up by the things that entrap us," she said.

Mark Liburd, an Elder and father of two from Ruach City Church spoke on the value of virginity and abstinence.

"We are living in a time where [abstinence] means nothing. We are living in an age where it is not even talked about in schools. All we talk about is how to have sex and the best forms of contraception. They are not trying to tell you anything about abstinence," he said

"My problem is that because the world is so sexually saturated, some women believe that they have to do what they do to actually have a relationship work. When you are in a place relationally God wants you to understand how precious you truly are."

He added: "Virginity is precious, who you are is precious."

A series of workshops took place throughout the course of the day equipping women in the areas of leadership, niversity life and personal destiny. In addition attendees were invited to sample beauty products.

Testimonies were also delivered through music as Philippa Hanna and Daughters of Davis took to the stage for live performances.