Women at the top claim Guiding is key to success

Survey shows skills and values learnt in guiding help lead to successful life.

Girlguiding UK has today launched a survey launched which shows that an amazing two-thirds of award winning and inspirational UK women have been involved in guiding.

Of those surveyed, a substantial 73 per cent agreed that the experience helped them to succeed in their chosen field later in life.

High profile award-winning former members of guides who took part in the research included Cherie Booth, BBC sports presenter and journalist Gabby Logan, broadcaster Angela Rippon, athlete and the winner of 16 Paralympic medals Tanni Grey-Thompson, and Soprano Singer Lesley Garrett.

Commenting on her own experience in guiding, Logan said: "Girlguides gave me the self-confidence and determination necessary to succeed in a traditionally male dominated environment.

"Being exposed to such a variety of experiences, challenges and adventures in a safe female environment meant I didn't have to compete against boys.

"Guiding equips girls and young women with the skills they need to be whatever they want to be."

Over three quarters of the surveyed women felt that having access to female-only spaces helps young women become more successful in later life, while more two thirds said that if they had a daughter they would like her to be in guiding.

The survey also looked at what women had specifically learnt in terms of life skills from their time in guiding. Self-confidence, teamwork, the ability to care for others and the confidence to try new things were singled out as helping to shape and add value to navigating the challenges of modern life.

Girlguiding UK is the country's biggest organisation for girls and young women. Announcing the report Chief Guide, Liz Burnley said: "Women In The Lead is a testament to the direct impact guiding has had on the achievements of modern and successful women today.

"It is further evidence that members both old and new are ambitious, successful and right at the top of their game - whatever they chose to do. I am incredibly proud that Girlguiding UK continues to use its safe, girl only space to help our half a million members achieve more than they ever felt possible."

Young member Theresa Alcroft of Girlguiding UK said: "It is inspiring to see what former members of guiding have gone on to achieve. Guiding exposes you to so many new experiences that equip you with the confidence and know-how to succeed in the modern world."

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