Women Accuse Tullian Tchividjian of Being a Liar and Serial Manipulator, Claim He Made Advances on Them

Tullian Tchividjian refuses to acknowledge the accusations made by two women that he is a serial liar and manipulator.(Facebook/Tullian Tchividjian)

Billy Graham's grandson Tullian Tchividjian, who was earlier fired from his job at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church for having an affair with a church staff despite his married status, is in hot water again after a blogger named Nate Sparks claimed that he sexually abused two women and even wished death on his brother.

In his first post, Sparks talked about a woman named Lisa, who said Tchividjian reached out to her via social media after losing his job at the church. They apparently got along well because they were both experiencing marital problems.

Lisa appreciated Tchividjian's concern, but was a bit put off by his "hypervigilance." He apparently researched a lot about her and used her personal issues to engage her in theological talks. Add to that, Lisa said there was an unspoken sexual tension between them that she tried very hard to dismiss.

"A couple of times, he sent her selfies of himself working out. He regularly commented on her looks," Sparks revealed. "At one point, he even sent her a link to a clothing line, telling her that she should dress in that brand of clothing because it would look really good on her. He told her that every time he saw that brand, he would think of her."

When they talked about his brother Boz, Tchividjian said a lot of nasty things and even told Lisa to call him a "douche." Tchividjian even reportedly wrote in the text message he sent to Lisa: "My bro is mean as a snake. He hasn't called me one time (not once) in a year but he goes on Twitter and interacts with all my haters and sends these passive aggressive tweets that everybody knows are intended for me. He doesn't know anything about the situation at all. At all. Pray he dies :)."

Meanwhile, Sparks shared in his second post the report made by a different woman named Kara. Like Lisa, Tchividjian approached Kara while she was facing relationship issues and offered her friendship and spiritual guidance.

"I already felt like I knew Tullian because of his message and so it was easy to talk to Tullian," Kara gushed. "Tullian treated me as a theological equal, which was very meaningful considering this went against my church experience. Tullian and I talked a lot of theology. And of course I was flattered when I heard things we had talked about end up in his sermons." 

However, things all changed when Kara discovered that Tchividjian had been cheating on his wife Kim. When his affair was exposed, he even claimed that he sought comfort from another woman because it was his wife who first cheated. But given her friendship with Tchividjian, Kara knew it was not the case.

She later discovered that Tchividjian had several texting arrangements with other women, and he often sent "sexually explicit" messages to them.

Kara is brokenhearted over these revelations because she saw Tchividjian as a true friend. In the end, she accepted the fact that he's just a good liar and manipulator who will say anything just to get his own way.

"I believe the truth that has come about has forced the separation needed between Tullian and the message he preached. God's gospel is true and He used Tullian to preach it, even though Tullian didn't get it on many levels," said Kara. "Tullian taught that one of the first things the gospel does is free you to be honest, and it's apparent Tullian can't be honest, unless it's a level of honesty that helps his career."

The Christian Post tried reaching out to Tchividjian to hear his side of things, but he simply referred to a Facebook post that says, "I have nothing else to say."