Woman who married herself takes on her critics: Until God sends me my husband I'm OK with it just being me

Facebook/Yasmin Eleby

If gay weddings are considered beyond the norm of the sacrament of matrimony for some, a Houston woman trumped all other ceremonies by marrying herself.

According to Black Art in America,Yasmin Eleby promised that if she has not found a husband by the time she reaches 40, she would marry herself. Eleby indeed kept her promise and married herself during a wedding ceremony as a way to celebrate her birthday.

The ceremony was held at the Houston Museum of African American Culture and was well attended by family and friends. The place was decorated and transformed just like a wedding event.

Eleby's sister, who is a minister, conducted the 'spiritual ceremony' since the whole event was not legally binding. Eleby's other sisters acted as bridesmaids and her mother gave her away - or back to herself in this case.

However according to Madame Noire, the bride was criticised by many who tagged her as "crazy" and "desperate." In an interview with The Root, Eleby gave her reactions and explained her intentions behind the ceremony.

"It has been blown way out of proportion. From the few comments that I've read, they're trying to paint me as crazy or bitter about not having a husband, and that is so not the case. I'm not bitter, I'm not crazy. I am just a fun-loving unique individual, and I just want to do something special and different," she said.  

She also added, "I wanted to show myself, my self-love, my self-worth and my self-respect. It was always about me loving me.

"When God sends me my husband, he will come, but until then, I'm OK with it just being with me."

She told the press that her vows are all about forgiving herself from all past mistakes, honouring herself by acknowledging that she is beautiful, capable of making her own decisions and loving herself so she can love others.

According to Eleby, many of her guests thought that they were attending a birthday party. They were surprised that there was a wedding ceremony. Most of the guests supported Eleby's decision, even her two exes who were invited to the party.

As for the honeymoon, Eleby is planning to visit places this year. This will serve as her getaway after the ceremony.

Eleby is not the only one who has done this ceremony. According to the Daily Mail, Grace Gelder, a 31-year old filmmaker in London, proposed to herself and also held a wedding ceremony. Gelder's theme was also focused on loving herself.