With Josh Duggar in rehab, his wife Anna busies herself with homeschooling her kids

Five-year-old Mackynzie Duggar (right) and her two brothers—four-year-old Michael (center) and two-year-old Marcus (left) play and eat together in this photo posted on the Duggar Family Blog.(Duggar Family Blog)

While Josh Duggar spends time in rehab after admitting infidelity to his wife as revealed in the Ashley Madison scandal, his wife Anna is keeping her mind off the "indiscretions" of her husband, a former star of the cancelled reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting," by keeping herself busy with homeschooling her children.

The devoted mother of four is following her mother-in-law Michelle Duggar's footsteps by homeschooling all of her children. Anna notes that her daughter Mackynzie, 5, and son Michael, 4, are already taking up their lessons really well. She hopes that Marcus, 2, and newborn Meredith Grace will be the same when they start their lessons.

Anna shared in the Duggar Family Blog what homeschool curriculum she uses. She expressed hopes that other mothers who plan on homeschooling their children will benefit from the curriculum as well.

"I use Math-U-See for math, and I absolutely love it! Michael is doing the Primer, and Mackynzie is doing the Alpha. It's great because it has the blocks, so they have a hands-on way of learning, and there's a little DVD that comes with it, so they can watch their five-minute lesson and then do their work for the week. It's a great resource for me because I am able to be there as a guide, but I don't have to explain the concepts," she said.

"I use Sing, Spell, Read and Write with Mackynzie. She reads the basic words very well. It's fun to see her read little stories to the boys," Anna added. "And then I use a lot of other random things. For writing practice, I find worksheets online. I really like the websites where you can download the dotted font and make your own worksheets. It's fun to do a little verse or phrase."

As for her children's reading material, she highly recommends "The Child's Story Bible" which is written by Catherine F. Vos.