Winds of Winter release date news, delay rumors: Could harm Game of Thrones Season 6 on HBO

George R.R. MartinReuters

For the folks who have been following the popular books series titled A Song of Ice and Fire, well, you may have to wait a little bit longer.

The popular book fantasy series which some may easily tie up with the popular TV series Game of Thrones doesn't seem to be anywhere close of being finished. This means the people who are still awaiting the Winds of Winter may have to wait for at least a year until author George R.R. Martin is done.

It is a fact that Martin is not a fast writer but he has proven that the wait is worth it. There were rumors of possibly trying to have other authors help out but such could be costly and could prove to be disastrous all the same. It would be best to await what Martin has in mind, having proven he has never disappointed despite the slow fashion of coming up with words and plots.

And while many await, there will be of course many guesses on what to expect. Sadly none of them even come close with George R.R. Martin shooting them down including rumors of Benjen Stark reappearing in the next book.

Despite its seemingly convincing angle, sad to say but Martin says it is far from happening. Thus, guess again.

Of course there is a concern on how this would affect TV series Game of Thrones. Apparently the series relies heavily on what the book will carry. With Game of Thrones already midway through the fifth season, could a year of waiting be enough for Martin to finish the book?

Martin believes he could but that would mean skipping some events and special interviews. Add to the fact that he writes them at a slow (and dramatic?) pace, everyone who has read the novel will agree that the pace is nothing compared to what George R. R. Martin will come up with.

So will he be able to finish before Game of Thrones Season 6 comes around? Well according to him (and a lot of critics) that is more than ample time to do so.