Will Ferrell returns with ‘Swear to God’

Will Ferrell has another comedy lined up and this time he's reportedly taking a swipe at the big players who gambled with the economy.

In “Swear to God”, Ferrell is set to play the part of a narcissistic hedge fund manager who thinks he’s seen God.

It’ll be the seventh time that Ferrell has teamed up with director Adam McKay.

Movie lovers can expect lots of goofy humour - the script has been penned by the writers of “King of the Hill” and “Due Date”, Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland.

McKay and Ferrell obviously enjoy working together. McKay has previously directed Ferrell in “Anchorman”, “Talladega Nights” and “Step Brothers”.

Their most recent joint project was “The Other Guys”, which starred Mark Wahlberg.

Ferrell, McKay and Wahlberg are currently filming a new football comedy, which also stars Alec Baldwin.

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