Why Christian parents should put their kids in Sunday school

Photo by pan xiaozhen on Unsplash

Sunday is a day to spend with the Lord. While you may attend worship service consistently, a child will have a hard time understanding why you need to do so. This is why it is essential to put them in Sunday school, so they'll have to attend their own praise and worship service along with the other kids. If you haven't let your kids attend Sunday school yet, you might want to reconsider. Here are a few reasons why Sunday school will be beneficial for your child.

To Know God

The most important reason to attend Sunday school is to let your child learn about God but in a more age-appropriate way. In Sunday school, Bible stories are tailored-fit for young kids, so they can easily understand and absorb the information. Better yet, it's not just storytelling all the time. Teachers continuously find ways to incorporate fun into the activities and lessons like doing skits and art crafts. This will make the session lighter and enjoyable and not make it feel like "school-school" on a Sunday.

Develop The Habit

Even though the kids see you go to church on Sundays, they won't develop the habit of going to church unless they also do that. It's not just sitting with you; they must also have their own activities. This way, they'd feel like there's a need to go to church. Additionally, once they develop the habit, they'll also understand better why church attendance is necessary – they will carry the knowledge they will gain with them forever.

Meet Other Kids

While your child has friends in school, it will be great for him/her to meet fellow young Christians. All of them are on the same journey in knowing God and discovering more about Him, so learning together makes it more fun. Through the same interest, the children can develop a great bond with each other, which will also make them more excited to attend Sunday class every week.

Learn From Other Teachers

Although you always try your best to mentor your kids, there are days when life can be so hectic for parents. Having a little help from the church will be great. Sunday school teachers are usually volunteers, which shows how passionate they are in bring the young ones closer to the Lord. Be rest assured that your kids will find qualified mentors who will make their Sunday school sessions meaningful and productive.

Sunday school is an ideal way to get the cooperation of the entire family. Parents will exert more effort in introducing God to the kids, and the kids will also exert more effort in joining the fun activities. But more importantly, Sunday school utilizes fun learning for the tots, even the most stubborn kids will surely have fun. Starting your kids young in Sunday school will enable them to gain valuable life lessons, so the earlier they can join in, the better.