Why Candace Cameron Bure isn't offended by the atheist billboard telling people to 'skip church'

Candace Cameron Bure says God's standard of goodness is the Ten Commandments.ABC

A lot of Christians got upset when an atheist group put up a billboard featuring the words "Go ahead and skip church! Just be good for goodness' sake" written beside a Santa Claus figure, but not "The View" host Candace Cameron Bure.

Bure is a well-known Christian, so her co-host Joy Behar asked her what she thought about the recent billboard during a segment of "The View" on Friday, or if she got annoyed or offended by it.

But Bure only answered, "It doesn't... You couldn't feed me something better to say to have a conversation that would then lead into sharing the Gospel message. Them just even saying, 'Go be good!' I would then say, well, 'What is good and what is the standard of goodness to you? What is God's standard of goodness?' I love that they put this billboard up, because it gives me the ability...to have that conversation."

American journalist Sunny Hostin, who was one of their guests that day is a "good Catholic" who was offended by the billboard.

"When you are an atheist telling people not to go to church, it is the equivalent of me trying to push my faith," she said.

Hostin does not like religious billboards that tell people to "Repent or go to hell!" And this is why she does not like it when atheists push their beliefs on them as well.

When co-host Raven Symone said that "all religions are about being good...just be a good person," Bure was quick to argue otherwise because people cannot be saved based on good deeds alone.

"What's the standard of goodness?" Bure asked. "In the Bible, God's standard is the Ten Commandments. God says if you've disobeyed one commandment...you've disobeyed all of them. So, if God's standard is different by which he judges the world, then that's where the argument of only 'being a good person' leads to the Gospel."