Where are vision, conviction and guts in today's political leaders?

Margaret Thatcher was a giant among both politicians and statesmen.  She had the vision to make Britain great again - and the guts to carry through her principles and beliefs.

Of course people will both agree and disagree with her - which she always welcomed - but where are vision, conviction and guts in today's generation of so-called 'political leaders'?

A muddle of mediocre managers have replaced the conviction politicians of the last generation, struggling to gain or hold on to power by adapting their policies almost daily to match what they believe to be popular whim, judged by the latest tweet.

The Bible observes (Proverbs 29:18) that 'where there is no vision, the people perish' but Britain's political leaders wallow in a directionless trough, desperately hoping that the next crisis will hold off until they have wriggled out of the current one.

It has become hard to support any political party, because vision, principles and values have been swallowed by the struggle to survive and repel the next leadership coup.

Because there are no policy stepping stones to achieve a vision for the nation - the mainstream media are reduced to propagating social network comments as though they had authority, blurring the future even more."

Mrs T often said, 'We've got to do so-and-so because it's RIGHT!'

History will judge which things were right and which weren't - but if Britain is to have any national future, we must pray that, among today's parliamentarians, we will find leaders with a vision for the future of our country, the ability to communicate it - and the guts to fight for it.

Harvey Thomas is a former communications chief for the Conservative Party who worked with Margaret Thatcher from 1978 to 1991 . He directed missions for Evangelist Billy Graham for 15 years and is now an International Public Relations Consultant.