When did Willie and Korie Robertson marry? Adopted children, Sadie Robertson and things to know about the Duck Dynasty family

Si Robertson, Jase Robertson and Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty performs at LP Field on Saturday June 8, 2013 in Nashville Tennessee.(Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP)

Fans of A&E reality show Duck Dynasty will be familiar with the voice of Willie Robertson who does much of the show's narrating.  This big-bearded star is is the third son of Phil and Miss Kay, and has been happily married to wife Korie for 21 years.

They first met at elementary school and married on 11 January 1992, when Korie (formerly Korie Howard) was 18 and Willie 19.  Both are graduates of Harding University.

Faith is central to their life. Actually Willie was back at Harding last year to speak about his faith, which he shares openly in TV interviews and other public speaking engagements.

"I tell you what separates me from the guys I know is this," he said holding up a Bible.

"The famous people I know that have so money it's just stupid, I tell you what they wanna know from me. It's not hunting, it's not TV, it's what I gathered over my life from this ...You've got to live it, especially in front of them."

Members of the wider Robertson family will be appearing on the September 23 episode of The Dr Oz Show. According to Examiner.com, Willie has this to say about faith and family:

"We centred on our faith, which is more important than money, our faith in the Lord and also when we grew up, we didn't have a lot of means and so we really appreciated the things that we had. And now that we have more, you can always look back and remember when it wasn't like that. And so, our parents put that in us and instilled in us a good discipline and hard work."

As a business school graduate and CEO of Duck Commander, Willie clearly has a good head for business but so does his wife, as she also has a bachelors in business.

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, he is worth $20 million - a combination of the Duck Commander business success and his memoir, The Duck Commander: How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty, that has sold over a million copies.  

As the book makes clear, it's really not about the money, it's about faith and family and doing good business.

And it's a blossoming family too. They have five kids - John Luke, Will, Rebecca, Sadie and Bella.

John Luke, Sadie and Bella are their biological children, while Will was adopted at birth and Rebecca fostered after staying with the family for a while as an exchange student from Taiwan.

Sadie is the biggest star out of the kids so far, making fans of the show laugh with her driving lesson adventures.

But she is also carving out a name for herself away from the show, having just launched her new range of "daddy-approved" prom dresses.

At the tender age of 16, she swapped camouflage for cute on the runway of New York Fashion Week to show off the range - a collaboration with designer Sherri Hill.

See her in action here: